Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whhhy? - Rock Lords

My dad used to go to Japan a lot so he brought back a lot of transforming robots. Most of these were Transformers, but occasionally I'd get GoBots, and on two occasions, Rock Lords. Try to imagine a robot...
rocklord1 copy
that transforms into...
rocklord2 copy
a rock--that's Rock Lords.

Rock Lords were a spin-off from Tonka's GoBots toyline. They were not successful but were still produced for three seasons in the mid 1980s before finally bowing out. I should also mention that the catchiest tagline Tonka could come up with was "Powerful living rocks!"

Gee, I wonder why they weren't popular? Could it be because they transformed into friggin' rocks?! Rock Lords also came with weapons, like guns and axes (which were only usable in their robot forms). For years I found loose Transformers guns that looked like crap. Now I realize they looked like crap because they were actually from Rock Lords.

The two Rock Lords pictured were from my own collection. Boulder (grey one) was the leader of the good Rock Lords and was made of Tungsten. Sunstone (amber one) was from the Jewel Lords line, and he was made of amber. But none of this matters because these toys were dumb. Even Transformers Action Masters, the Transformers line where the Transformers didn't transform but their weapons and vehicles did was better than this. Even "Big"'s transforming building was better than Rock Lords. And it's head wouldn't even stay up!

So I ask, why, Rock Lords? Whhhy?!

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