Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - Mystery Edition

There's a hot dog place called Skooby's over in Hollywood that I frequent a lot. I actually prefer it to Pink's as they make some of the best fries you can get in L.A. I'll probably write a review for it sometime.

Anyway, I had just grabbed a dog, some bacon cheddar fries, and an Arnold Palmer and was just hanging out along Hollywood Blvd near the Chinese Theater, when I see a Smart car coming down the street. I figured Smart cars are popular amongst image conscious celebrities, and since it was Hollywood, there could be a chance that someone famous was riding in that car. I'm not going to ask you to guess who it was, because you'll most likely not get it right ... but if you guessed Howie Mandel, you were totally on the money!

Howie Mandel, the host of "Deal or No Deal" and creator of "Bobby's World" drives a Smart car. It was both a surprise and a disappointment at the same time, but I'll take what I can get. I can't promise all of these Celebrity Sightings to be of A-list stars, or even altogether interesting, but like me, you take what you can get.

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