Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unnecessary Sequels - "Big"

During dinner tonight, we caught the last half hour of "Big." My mother and sister were discussing if it would have worked if Elizabeth Perkins' character, Susan, had elected to become small, i.e. younger, so that she could stay with Tom Hanks' character, Josh. This sparked an idea for a sequel with the amazing title, "Big 2: Small."

In this direct sequel, Susan, having just dropped Josh off, would have a change of heart and decide that she would be willing to relive puberty. Immediately returning back to the fairgrounds, she would return to Sea Point Park to find that the Zoltar machine has already been picked up. The first twenty minutes or so would consist of Susan frantically trying to track down the Zoltan machine, juxtaposed with Josh adjusting back to his life as a kid. Susan would eventually find the machine and make her wish, transforming into a younger version of herself. Meanwhile Josh, with his newfound understanding of adulthood, is confident enough to find a girlfriend his own age. This of course causes problems when Susan eventually shows up and resolves to regain Josh's love.

The B story would involve Jared Rushton's character, Billy, finding himself the odd boy out again. He ends up vying for the attention of Josh's cast offs while also helping Susan and simultaneously maintaining a new consulting position at Josh' former employer, MacMillan Toy Company with Robert Loggia again assuming the role of MacMillan.

I don't want to ruin the ending, but everything sets up the sequel: "Big 3: Big Again." In this film, the focus is on Billy who makes a wish to be big, and ends up in a position similar to Josh's in the first movie. This would be followed by several straight-to-DVD sequels: "Big 4: Even Bigger," "Big 5: Transforming Buildings" (actually this is a Japanese spin-off and an unofficial entry in the Big series), "Big 6: Big in the City," and "Big 7: Big and Small." A proposed eighth film would never make it into production, with the possible title being either "Big 8: Big in the Hood" or "Big 8: Mission to Moscow."

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