Sunday, January 24, 2010

No swimming in the dirt!

So recently (as in just yesterday) it was brought to my attention that swimming in the dirt is illegal in Santa Ana or some other place in California. Now I have no idea how you would do that in the first place, but why is it illegal? This brings up a number of concerns with the interpretation of the law. According to my friend Mike, who is in no way a lawyer:

- Treading water can be construed as swimming, thus is illegal.
- Diving into dirt is illegal. However diving into dirt to save a drowning person is legal.
- Walking, or crawling, through dirt is legal, as your feet are touching the ground. However the Australian crawl is illegal.
- Soil can be considered similar to dirt, thus illegal. We are undecided about sand.
- Doing the worm is illegal as it is simply the butterfly sans arms. (Clarification on this one attributed to A.)

Also, the question of mud's relationship to dirt in this situation was also brought up. As I see it, dirt is solid whereas mud is a suspension and therefore does not fall under the same law.

If anybody (with actual legal knowledge) can shed light on this law, it would be greatly appreciated.

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