Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time Train - Chapter 1

This is a semi-original serial that I am writing. If you enjoy it, I plan to write many chapters more. If not, I'll probably still continue to write it.

Rhubarb T. Porterhut III had just finished his greatest creation. Although he thought he had reached the acme of his creativity when he bred the first ever self-epilating African Husky, he was clearly mistaken. For never could he have conceived that he would one day create the world’s first time traveling steam-powered locomotive.

In the parlor of his home, with his arms thrust skyward, he threw his head back and yelled for all the heavens and his incredulous Terre Haute neighbors to hear.

“Yes, Florentine, I have finally done it this time! For surely human eyes have never gazed upon such a mechanical abnormality as this!”

The proud scientist/animal breeder called out to his petite and overly indulgent wife, Florentine, who stepped into the parlor and nodded at him, waving her hand in approval.

“Yes, Dear. You’ve finally done it indeed. But what is it, may I inquire?”

“Why it is the world’s ... nay, history’s first ever space-distance and time-duration modulating traversal apparatus.”

Florentine shook her head. She was used to her husband’s long-winded speeches, laden with incomprehensible scientific jargon. As with the rest of his creations, this one was lost on her meager intellect.

“But, Dear, it appears to me to be a locomotive… in our house. Dear, a locomotive in our house.”

“Yes, Florentine, is it not grand? With this infernal machine, I will embark upon great adventures through space and time. Why, perhaps I will visit yesteryear, and learn the God’s honest truths about our nation’s forefathers. Or to the future, to learn of our country’s fascinating new endeavors.”

“You do that, Dear. As long as you and Columbus are back in time for supper.”

Columbus barked when he heard his name. The overly precocious African Husky was not one for adventure, and quickly began shedding what little hair he had at the thought of time travel. Rhubarb gestured wildly at him, while Florentine headed back into the kitchen.

“Come, Columbus! We must embark now for who knows what Father Time has in store for us?”

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