Monday, May 17, 2010

Hong Kong Kitchen in Monterey Park

Today I was invited out to lunch by three lovely ladies. The restaurant of the day was Hong Kong Kitchen in Monterey Park, since the Yama sisters had been craving it for a while.

We ordered a lot of food for four (well, only three really, since baby Popolyn is seven weeks old), and it was way more than enough.

Since it was lunch time, we all got soup. It was a little difficult to eat, since I only had one arm—the other was devoted to holding Popolyn (which would also explain why my pictures are a little out of focus). At one point she must have been upset that I wasn't paying enough attention to her, since she knocked over my soup into my lap.
5/17/10 Hong Kong Kitchen
For appetizers, we got the crispy chicken wings in garlic butter. They were amazing! The garlic aroma was heavenly, and they were crispy indeed. These were a great choice.
5/17/10 Hong Kong Kitchen
Slice Princess ordered fish puff and pork brisket with e-fu noodles, which came in a much larger bowl but is shown here in my smaller bowl. The noodles looked like udon noodles, but were much spongier. The pork brisket was good, and had pieces of tendon that had turned gelatinous. Yum!
5/17/10 Hong Kong Kitchen
We also got multi-grain rice with kabocha. It was kind of like a fried rice made with brown rice. I didn't particularly like it, but it had a good texture and was pretty good for a healthier rice alternative. It's not for me, but the Yama sisters liked it.
5/17/10 Hong Kong Kitchen
Since we already had a soup noodle and a rice plate, I ordered a noodle plate: beef chow fun. It was a generous portion, and the pieces of beef were rather large. I wish I could have eaten more of it, but there was just so much food.
5/17/10 Hong Kong Kitchen
Princess Poo picked the beef brisket and tendon in XO sauce as the last dish. Aside from the wings, this was my other favorite dish. It's hard to find good tendon, and I enjoyed this very much. I will be going back there to have this again.
5/17/10 Hong Kong Kitchen
Since we ordered so much food, we got a complimentary Hainan chicken. I didn't eat too much of this since there were so many other dishes on the table. The Hainan chicken was probably a bit more nuanced than the other dishes, so it was difficult for it to stand out.

Just so you don't think that baby Popolyn went without, this is what she ate:
5/17/10 Hong Kong Kitchen
I think she enjoyed it.

Some other notes on Hong Kong Kitchen:
- The lemon iced tea is pretty good. And they really love to give you refills. Lots and lots of refills. Overall, the service is pretty good for a Chinese restaurant.

Hong Kong Kitchen
301 W. Valley Blvd. #115
San Gabriel, CA 91776

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