Friday, May 21, 2010

Common Interests on Blogger

It recently occurred to me that being interested in obscure topics doesn't lend itself well to public visibility on Blogger. Of the 33 topics I list as interests on my profile, fourteen are shared by less than a hundred people, and of those fourteen interests, eight are shared by less than ten. In fact, I'm the lone person interested in cryptobiosis and retrocognition. Additionally, Blogger's spell checker doesn't even consider those two as words. It's a lonely world when you're the only one who cares about such things, but no matter.

Perhaps I should be more surprised that people are interested in some of those topics at all. But really, only two people who like black widow spiders? Only three who like capybara? Those things are awesome. And seriously, why aren't there like hundreds of more people who care about the Mongolian Death Worm population? It's not like those things are going to discover themselves.

I'm guessing it's a cultural difference. Maybe it's the Japanese side of me (which would be most of me, since I'm 100% Japanese-American) that finds these topics interesting. I'm sure that capybara and praying mantids are considerably more topical in Japan than they are in the US. And yokai are definitely more popular there as well. But in the end, I suppose it's up to me to continue blogging about these things. After all, someone needs to champion their causes, and that might as well start with me.

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