Friday, April 2, 2010

Whhhy? - Kim Kardashian

Pre-2007, nobody knew who Kim Kardashian was. She might have shown up in the pages of People or US Weekly attending the occasional party in much the same way Paris Hilton did, but she was hardly a household name. Then all of a sudden she blew up, getting guest appearances and cameos in movies and TV shows, even doing nation-wide ad campaigns. The spark of all this was a sex taped leaked in 2007. But ask anybody who she was with and most people will turn a blank stare. And it's baffling since, at the time, her boyfriend had every right to be more famous than her. After all, her biggest claim to fame at that point was that she was the daughter of O.J. Simpson's defense lawyer, Robert Kardashian. But her boyfriend was brother to a TV star and multi-platinum recording artist as well as an actor/singer in his own right with several US Top 50 hits. That's right, Kim Kardashian was dating Brandy's little brother, Ray J.

Yet after the release of their home sex tape, Kim Kardashian's celebrity status shot up almost overnight, while Ray J's career has steadily declined. Sure, Kim Kardashian is an attractive women with ass for days. But Ray J is no slouch—he's a good looking dude, and multi-talented to boot. Here's a picture of him on one of his recent albums:
Furthermore, it's Ray J doing all the work in the sex video; by comparison Kim Kardashian makes Paris Hilton look like a workhorse in her sex tape.

And today, Kim Kardashian continues to reap the benefits of her sex tape infamy, despite the fact that she hasn't clearly demonstrated any sort of talent outside of constant twittering and looking dolled up whenever the paparazzi need a break from taking photos of Lindsey falling down. Right now she's in an ad for Carl's Jr. But where's Ray J's ad? What has he gotten out of this? Except for a couple of mediocre VH1 television shows, not much.

So, perhaps instead of simply asking why, Kim Kardashian, perhaps we should ask why not Ray J? Whhhy nooot?!

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