Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yokai of the Week Special Edition – Yokai Book of the Week

Another book you say? And about yokai no less? Well, this book is special to me, since I worked on it. While working at company B, there was one title I really looked forward to working on, and it wasn't the one where the half-vampire, half-werewolf guy turns into a girl during a full moon (Suck on that Twihards). No, it was a manga called Kon Kon Kokon, and it is about a young boy who is a yokai otaku.
The book features an original story and cutesy artwork by Koge-Donbo. And it also features yokai, oodles and oodles of yokai. In fact, many of the yokai I've highlighted can be found in Kon Kon Kokon.

The story follows Ren, a young boy from the boonies, who transfers to a school in the city. It is there that he hopes to reinvent himself as one of the cool kids and impress his crush, Himeka. But Ren hides a dark secret—well, maybe not so dark—he loves yokai. As luck would have it, along comes Kokon, a mysterious young girl who claims that she has returned to Ren to make good on her promise. But what is that promise? Go find a copy of the book and check it out.

But be forewarned: the book is out of print, and there is only the one volume available. Sadly the powers that be shut down company B, and Koge-Donbo has been busy with other projects. I hope she returns to the series at some point. since I would like to read more about Ren and his yokai adventures. If anyone is interested in reading Kon Kon Kokon, I snagged several copies before company B closed. And if you're lucky, I just might autograph it for you.

Kon Kon Kokon
Broccoli Books: 224pp., $10
Out of print

Comi Digi + Comics: 196pp., ¥590

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