Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unicorns Strike Back

Just when I thought unicorns were nearly extinct, they start to make a comeback in a very large way. Today, there were no less than three unicorn sightings on the internet.

Players have been reporting that the Chop Shops in the popular online game Mafia Wars were "being turned into 'castles' and producing 'unicorns.'"
Another web-based adventure game, Dragon Tavern, converted to Unicorn Tavern early this morning. Instead of players killing each other with their various wizard and warrior avatars, they were allowed to hug each other using their unicorn avatars.

Popular retail site put up a new product listing for Canned Unicorn Meat. Lest people be concerned that the production of Canned Unicorn Meat contribute to the extinction of unicorns, rest assured that only those unicorns near the end of their lifespans end up in the aforementioned product. Their last days are spent blissfully receiving massages and eating candy corn. Also listed is a legitimate recipe on how to prepare the Canned Unicorn Meat.

On a side note, the power of [adult swim]'s Robot Unicorn Attack has continued to spread its influence, affecting even video game enthusiast site Although there are no unicorns present, the pink theme and Erasure's Always playing in the background are clear nods to Robot Unicorn Attack.

So what is the cause of all this recent unicorn activity? A bit of tom foolery perhaps, but it is clear that while unicorn appearances are still rare, they continue to exist in both our imagination and reality.

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