Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Doesn't Chris Kaman Have a Sneaker Deal?

Chris Kaman is the best true center currently playing basketball in the NBA's Western Conference. Don't believe me? The numbers don't lie.

Out of all Western Conference centers, he ranks first in points per game (18.4), first in points + rebounds + assists (29.2), third in double-doubles (28), fourth in rebounds per game (9.2, fifth if you count Tim Duncan as a center, which he isn't), and fifth in PER (18.67). He even made the all-star team for the first time in his career after initially being snubbed. And yet he doesn't have his own signature sneaker. Right now he's playing in the Nike Hypermaxes, but surely a player of this caliber deserves something more. After all, he's leading his team in points, rebounds, and blocked shots.

Since he's already playing in Nikes, perhaps they could throw him a bone and hook him up with his own signature line, something like the Nike Kamanizers. Imagine a full Zoom Air unit sitting on top of a heel-to-toe 360 Air Max bag, riding on top of Shox, with a synthetic Flywire/Torch/patent leather upper all decked out in the Clipper red, white, blue. It'd be as if his feet were encased in, and flying on clouds. Think how much better a player he'd be in his own sneaker line. Instead of just being one of the top Western Conference centers, he could be one of the best NBA centers. Or one of the best NBA players.

Maybe Adidas should add him to their already impressive big man lineup. He could join the likes of Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, and Michael Beasley with his own signature TS Supernatural Commanders. With the power of Pure Motion and Adiprene+ supporting him, Chris Kaman could be beasting the league even more.

Or why not bump him up to Jordan brand. Jordan brand has primarily appealed to athletic guards and forwards, but why not adorn one of elite centers of the league with the hallowed Jordan name? He could have the Air Kamans or the CK35s, a pair of fashionable yet rugged basketball shoes that look as good on the court as they do off.

Basically, Chris Kaman is a playa, and he should look like one, too. A player this good shouldn't be playing in normal, off-the-shelf basketball shoes, and at the very least he should have his own PEs. The bottom line is Chris Kaman is a baller so get this dude a sneaker deal.


  1. I'd buy that! Still, I'm not sure he deserves Jordan off the court shoes because I am unsure of his off the court demeanor. Jordan exudes coolness on and off the court. I'd buy a pair of Hanes from him. From Chris Kaman, maybe a beer.

  2. Whether or not any of this is true, Chris Kaman deserves a place of honor on the front of my refrigerator.