Monday, April 19, 2010

Trout Amandine

I was unsure of what to make for dinner today, but we had a large steelhead trout in the fridge, so I opted to cook trout amandine. Here's an interesting fact, but steelhead trout are actually from the same genera as salmon. The sea-faring version of the species is known as steelhead, while the freshwater variety are known as rainbow trout.
Trout amandine is kind of a fancy way of saying trout garnished with almonds. The roasted almonds in the butter, lemon, and worcestershire blend were pretty good, although it wasn't much of a sauce. Perhaps I should add more butter next time. The fish was cooked just right but I'd rather use a rainbow or other freshwater trout. The steelhead seemed like a milder-tasting salmon, whereas freshwater trout would likely pair better with the amandine.

I also prepared a mixture of fusilli with sauteed crimini mushrooms, peas, and sliced black olives. The steamed zucchini is there to appease the veggie police.

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