Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Pitch - The Ladybirds

Every spring you can find gardening centers selling ladybugs to rid your garden of aphids and other bug pests. They either come in bags or little cardboard cups. If you've ever held a ladybug, then you know that they emit a foul chemical that irritates your skin—it's one of their defense mechanisms. Well it got me thinking about a movie idea. Like Locusts or Mosquito, you could have ladybugs terrorizing people for reasons unknown—that's not important. What is important is the awesome movie mock-up cover I made.
Yes, The Ladybirds could be coming to a theater near you to invade the peaceful Bodega Bay, or some other such place. All that is needed are a bunch of young, attractive, vapid starlets, a nerdy entomologist who gets eaten five minutes before the climax, and a bunch of real and model ladybugs. Forget the CG stuff, models are far more believable anyway.

As for plot, does it really matter? None of these types of movies have a plot worth following. Just have the bugs invade, create a panic, and start killing people off slowly. As long as the movies shows a little skin and a few grisly death scenes, the target audience will be more or less engaged.

So there you go, an inspired movie idea that I'm offering to Hollywood for free. But if anyone is looking for a producer or a nerdy entomologist-type, they can go ahead and tap me for the role as a thank-you.

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