Sunday, April 18, 2010

Law of Striponomics

There are many laws in the universe, such as the laws of physics, Murphy's Law, and L.A. Law. But one seldom talked about law is the law of striponomics. It's a simple enough law, and one that most people are familiar enough with whether they've experienced it or not. The law is as follows: if we assume a woman strips in a conventional manner, i.e. outer garments to under garments, then as a woman strips off more clothing to reveal her bare flesh, the male excitement level increases exponentially until it reaches the first apex, usually the removal of the bra, followed by a sharp decline in interest and a steady rise to the second apex, usually just preceding the removal of the panties. Once all the clothing is removed, interest then decreases until it hits a steady level. Here is a visual representation of the law (sorry, no actual nudity involved):

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