Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - Robin Williams

When I was visiting Brother G in San Francisco one time, he took me to a nearby Philly cheesesteak place. It was a pretty good cheesesteak.

If I recall correctly, the place didn't have a lot of anything on the wall, but noticeable near the ceiling was a signed Hook poster. While we sat and ate, we pondered whose signature it was on the poster, since it could have been Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, or Dustin Hoffman, all of whom were prominently featured. Just then Robin Williams dashed through the door, picked up a bag, and left, so I nonchalantly said, "Oh, I guess it's Robin Williams then since he just came in." My brother's back was to the door, so he couldn't really see Robin Williams come in, and he kind of shrugged my remark off. But I insisted that Robin Williams really did just come in, so my brother craned his neck to catch a glimpse and confirm what I already knew.

My brother later found out that Robin Williams likes the cheesesteaks there, and often orders the food ahead of time and takes a taxi to pick it up. So if Robin Williams approves, you know the place must be good.

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