Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reptilians - Meet the New Aliens, Same As the Old Aliens

Most people are familiar with aliens being portrayed as little gray men with over-sized heads and large almond eyes, but perhaps fewer people are familiar with the alien race of Reptilians. A lot of proponents for the existence of extra terrestrial lifeforms consider Reptilians, reptilian humanoids, to be one of the other prominent alien races in regular contact with humans today. They are considered rivals to the "Grays," with some people claiming that many of the people walking among us are actually Reptilians in disguise. In fact many government officials and celebrities including Elvis, Michael Jackson, and even Princess Diana have been accused of being Reptilians who sought to subvert humans through political and populist movements. The Men in Black phenomenon may as well be a ploy by which Reptilians intimidate humans thereby keeping their war with the Grays secret.

When it comes to media coverage and dramatization of UFOs and aliens, Grays generally get the nod over Reptilians. But Reptilians have still found a way of making it into pictures. In the 1983 and 2009 television mini-series "V," the alien visitors were revealed to be Reptilians underneath their human shells. The series followed the more classical and intellectual approach toward Reptilians, as creatures posing as humans so that they can gain our trust and take over the world for themselves. But the 1954 film "Creature From the Black Lagoon" and ensuing sequels offered a more merman-like depiction. This follows the other tradition of unexplained encounters with strange creatures on empty roads and in lonely backwoods. Prime examples of this are the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, the Loveland Frog, and the Thetis Lake Monster, all of which are purported encounters with feral, bipedal, reptile-like beings. In these cases, the lizard-like creatures are viewed more as cryptids and less as aliens, although one can't deny a possible connection to Reptilians.

It is possible that until the day they make themselves fully known, the Reptilians may never have the reputation so enjoyed by the Grays. Perhaps they are content with their secret takeover of the Earth, and do not wish to partake of the celebrity status that comes with movie after movie. But if they could at least make a concerted effort to "accidentally" crash and slip up, making themselves better known, it might ease human reception towards their existence. A movie or two thereafter certainly couldn't hurt their reputation. Particularly when it comes time for them to enslave us humans.

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