Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - Adam Sessler

This week's installment of Celebrity Sightings might not be that exciting for most readers, but it was exciting for me. Mildly exciting. For those who don't watch much TV, Adam Sessler is co-host of G4TV's X-Play, a show that covers video games. And this encounter took place at the Hollywood Best Buy.

I was standing in line behind a guy. He was getting a video game. I didn't get a look at his face, but for some reason, just by staring at the back of his head I knew it was Adam Sessler. I've never seen him turn his back on the camera on X-Play, so I don't know how I knew this, but I did. Sure enough when he turned to pay it was Adam Sessler.

What makes this even stranger, is that my sister saw him at Canter's restaurant only a few weeks before. So now I know Adam Sessler intimately. I can recognize him by the back of his head, I know he shops at Best Buy, and I know that he likes to eat at Canter's. My only regret is that he wasn't with his co-host, Morgan Webb. Or that he wasn't just Morgan Webb. I find her just slightly hotter than him.

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