Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Pitch - Figure Skate Pro 2010

Watching the Winter Olympics has got me thinking: Why haven't software developers been able to come up with a video game that accurately captures the sport of figure skating? A quick search brings up only a handful of ice skating games, none of which take the sport seriously. But not anymore. Enter "Figure Skate Pro 2010," the ultimate figure skating simulator.
The game would feature many of the ice's current stars, as well as hall of famers from years past. If you've seen it on the ice, you can do it in the game. Quadruple jump? Check. Scott Hamilton's back flip? Got it. The Iron Lotus? It's in there, but only if you dare.
And skaters will have their own signature moves and special moves performable once their super meter is full. The meter can be filled by successfully completing combinations. The rate of success depends on certain button combinations and timing, in conjunction with the charge meter on the bottom right of the screen. Bonuses score multipliers are also awarded for completed maneuvers.

Players will also be allowed to create their own ice skaters and take them through a career mode, where they will have to work their way up through the ranks. Players can take their skaters through training programs to increase their skills, and as they win more competitions and money, they can buy better equipment and access to better training facilities. Design your own skating routines and build your skater into a monster, with max points in jump, trick, leg, and stamina ratings. Imagine Scott Hamilton on commentary:

A triple Lutz! A triple Lutz! A triple Lutz! A triple Lutz! A triple Lutz! (awkward pause) What a combination. (awkward pause) Double Toe, and a double toe, and a double toe. (awkward pause) Another great combination.

Players will have access to different costumes for their skater, and they would even be able to design their own costumes. Bedazzle the shit out of your onesie. Add tassels to your skates. Rhinestone the hell out of your tights.

Ice skating fans will no longer have to wait for when Stars on Ice comes to town, or go to Camp Snoopy to check out Snoopy on Ice. They will be able to enjoy ice skating year round with "Figure Skate Pro 2010." Well, at least until the 2011 installment comes out.

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