Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yokai of the Week - Wanyudo

Since you voted on it, I'll continue blogging about yokai, at least for the next ten weeks. I plan on doing things a little differently with these, art-wise, so here's the first of my Yokai masterpiece series*.

Wanyudo is one of the older yokai, with a reported sighting over a thousand years ago. It has the appearance of an angry, bald man's head in the center of a flaming wheel. His arrival usually spells disaster, as he will roll over anyone who gets in his way, ripping them to pieces. Even to look upon wanyudo brings misfortune.
Yokai Masterpiece #1 - Wanyudo - colored construction paper mounted on foam board.
*"Masterpiece" is a relative term, and only applies to the artwork, not the article.


  1. How does he 'rip' people to pieces if he rolls over them... I bet he probably bites.

  2. Awesome art(?)
    He looks just like this in Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro (the live-action movie).

    Word: spersio
    Sounds like a car name.