Saturday, March 6, 2010

Top Ten Cryptids Recognized Only By MidnightHunnyRun

These are creatures I made up but I wish existed in nature.

1. pumacorn - Resembles a puma but slightly less muscular in appearance. Has a single horn originating from the center of its forehead.
2. capybara Guinea pig - A Guinea pig that lives its entire life on the back of a capybara.
3. one-horned, flying hippopotamus (OHFH)- Smaller than typical hippopotami, has a single horn originating from its forehead and large, feathered wings on its back. Eats fruits and vegetables.
4. Herman's elephant - An elephant that grows to 10 inches maximum height. A domesticated, indoor elephant.
5. miniature pink dragon - A pink dragon that grows no longer than a foot in length.
6. stegoceratops - A dinosaur with a triceratops' head and horns, and a stegosaurus' back plates and spiked tail.
7. aardadidillo - Armored anteater that can roll into a ball. Its tongue can extend out even in ball form.
8. world slug - A giant slug longer than five feet with a map of the world on its back.
9. great white shark wolf - A large, white wolf with a tall crest of fur along its back.
10. gri-phon - Like a griffon, but acts cooler and is more attractive to female griffons.

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