Saturday, March 27, 2010

Señor Fish in Little Tokyo

After a week filled with some very thrilling and very not so thrilling moments, we decided to relax and have dinner at Señor Fish in Little Tokyo. Located directly across the street from the Japanese American National Museum, it may seem a bit out of place, but this restaurant is no joke. Originally drawn there by their prominent fish tacos, I've had many opportunities to sample the various dishes they have on the menu.

When I first visited Señor Fish, there was really only one room with blacked out, boarded up windows, and the patio wasn't much to write about. And every time I've been there since, it's been different. Where once were copious newspaper reviews posted on the walls, there are now many pieces of colorful art. Adjacent to the refurnished and decorated patio is a new room with a dance floor. And inside, the windows are no longer blacked out, although only half the dining room was furnished today. It would appear as though they were setting up for a dance party.

Primarily a seafood restaurant, many of Señor Fish's offerings feature fish, shrimp, and scallops. Years ago when my mom asked what kind of fish they used, the server replied, "caught." At first unsure of whether he meant "cat" or "cod," we've since determined it to be cod. The shrimp, though, I am sure is jumbo shrimp. The scallops are also quite ample. There are also non-fish and vegetarian options on the menu, but the seafood is the bee's knees.

My mom ordered the fried fish plate which came with salad, rice, and beans (can be replaced with fries). I've had this plate on a number of occasions. They're generous with the amount of fish, which is fried in a light but very crispy batter. The rice and beans can sometimes be a bit salty, but I don't feel that they are overpoweringly so. I actually prefer the rice and beans there to most other restaurants.
3/27/10 Senor Fish
We also split a shrimp tostada. I've only had their ceviche tostada before, which was not particularly substantial, but the shrimp tostada was a mini-meal by itself. The tostadas are topped with shrimp fried in the same batter as the fish, chopped up, and topped with beans, lettuce, avocado, and cucumber slices. We should have topped it with salsa from their salsa bar, as by itself it could have used a little more oomph. It was still good, particularly because of the shrimp, but it seemed a bit lacking in the flavor department.
3/27/10 Senor Fish
I ordered a shrimp and scallop burrito. Years ago, one of the many clipped newspaper reviews adorning the wall lauded the shrimp and scallop burrito, and the reviewer was right to do so. It's loaded with the same shrimp found in the tostada, as well as jumbo scallops cooked to just the right consistency so that they are nice and juicy with just enough give. Also inside is lettuce, beans, rice, and pico de gallo. It's a hefty burrito that usually necessitates a knife and fork.
3/27/10 Senor Fish
I also got one of their fish tacos, Ensenada-style, on the side. They used to come with a roasted chipotle salsa, but it seemed they didn't have it today. It didn't matter, the taco was still good.
3/27/10 Senor Fish
Some other notes on Señor Fish:
- Tostada & taco: 5 out of 7 on my mess-o-meter. Burrito: 1 out of 7 if you use a knife and fork.
- 4 out of 5 on my tacometer. 4 out of 5 on my burritometer.

Señor Fish
422 East 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Señor Fish

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