Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - Wayans Bros.

They're happy and they're singing and they're colored! What's better than seeing one Wayans brother? Seeing two Wayans brothers! Back in the day, I was at the Beverly Center, when I saw two very tall guys step out of the movie theater. Yes, I'm talking about that very ghetto movie theater on the top floor of the Beverly Center. Well, the guys were Damon and Sean Wayans. Both were very tall, and very big. They don't look nearly as big on TV as they did in real life. I wasn't sure what they went to see. Perhaps they were researching ideas for the first Scary Movie. Whatever it was, I can guarantee you they saw it on a screen not nearly big enough, in a room that faintly smelled of sweat and urine.

Unfortunately brother Marlon was not with them. Too bad. He's actually my favorite Wayans brother, even though I'v seen far more of Damon Wayans' movies. In the theater. It's my dad's fault, really. He's a closet Daman Wayans fan, I swear.

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