Saturday, March 13, 2010

Deep-Fried Wulf's Top Ten Baby-fied Movies

This Top Ten is so big it has way more than ten. Feel free to add suggestions.

12 Angry Men Babies
The 40-Year-Old Virgin Baby
Baby American History X
Baby American Psycho
Baby Apocalypse Now
Baby Bad Boys II
Baby Children of Men
The Baby Deer Hunter
The Baby Godfather
Baby Geniuses Babies
Baby King Kong
Baby Memento
Baby Old Boy
Baby Old Dogs
Baby Porky's
Baby Psycho
Baby Rambo
Baby Requiem For Dream
Baby RoboCop
Baby Schindler's List
Baby Taxi Driver
Baby Three Men and a Little Baby
Baby Total Recall
Fast and Furious Babies
Knocked Up Baby
Men in Black Babies
National Lampoon's Baby Animal House
Night of the Living Dead Babies
No Country For Baby Old Men
Saving Baby Private Ryan
Terminator Babies
The Usual Baby Suspects

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