Friday, March 12, 2010

Ask MidnightHunnyRun


My friend says Lebron James is teh [sic] greatest basketball player to ever lace up sneaks, but I says [sic] Kobe Bryant has more champonship rings and is better than he will ever be. I bet my friend a [sic] authentic Lebron jersey if Im [sic] right, and he bet me the new Kobe Vs. Please settle this argument for us and let my friend know whats [sic] up. -- LAKERS4LIFE

DEAR LAKERS4LIFE: Questions such as this one are constantly being batted about, but there really is no clearcut answer. The argument is pointless, as both players merit recognition for their performance on the court. Whether or not one player is greater than the other can be measured once both players have hung up their sneakers. Oh, and seeing as neither of you has a winning argument, I'd be more than willing to claim the jersey and shoes.

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