Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - David Schwimmer

One of my favorite celebrity sightings was Friends' Ross, David Schwimmer. It's not that I was big fan of Friends (I'm not), but our paths have crossed no less than four times. I can honestly say that David Schwimmer is just as much a dork in real life as he is on TV, but a sweet one.

The first time I met him was when Friends was still at the peak of it's popularity. He came into the Mail Boxes Etc. where I worked to open up a mail box. In order to open a box, Mail Boxes Etc. needs a photocopy of your drivers license. His drivers license is as un-Hollywood as you can get. His hair was messy in the picture, and he looked like a normal guy.

The second time he came in, he was helping fellow actor Eddie Cahill ship some stuff presumably to his new home in New York. Eddie Cahill was a guest star on Friends at the time, playing Rachel's love interest, Tad. He is currently on CBS' CSI: NY. David Schwimmer helped him carry in several large boxes of stuff.

The third time was a little more interesting. I was driving by the street on which the Mail Boxes Etc. was located, when I saw David Schwimmer run out of the alley (he has a very awkward way of running, might I add). He turned the corner and quickly dashed into the corner deli. I like to imagine he was starving and in a rush to pick up a cold cut sandwich.

The last time I saw him was the best. I was driving westbound down 3rd Street near the corner of La Cienega, where the Beverly Center is located. I was still in front of the Beverly Connection, across from the strip mall. Traffic was backed up on the westbound side because an old lady and her car was stopped in the right lane leaving only one lane open. As I was sitting there for the light to change, a car manages to swoop into the right lane right behind the old lady. And out of the car hops out David Schwimmer. He ran over, awkwardly again, and popped his head into the old lady's window. By that time the light had changed so I had to drive on, but I imagined that David Schwimmer had gotten a call from his nana and was coming to her rescue.

So what did I learn from this? That David Schwimmer is a dork, but he's a nice guy willing to rush to the aid of an old lady and a deli sandwich. Plus he's really tall.

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