Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tripe and Risotto Sticks

I've had an intense yen for tripe ever since I visited my friends and was only able to get un taco de tripas (I was planning to get four). So while I was at the market last week buying ingredients for dinner for Sunday, I picked up some tripe. It takes several hours to boil until the tripe is tender, so I didn't end up eating until 10pm (after pre-dinner Italian sausage sandwiches). I wasn't satisfied, so today I picked up about five pounds of tripe.

Again, it took several hours to boil, so I did't eat until 11pm, but I had a tripe feast. I found the recipe I made today on youtube, posted by user ryanakarcher.

2/4/11 tripe and risotto sticks
It was very easy to make and delicious. The dish comes out a little salty, a little tangy, and refereshing. On the side I made risotto sticks which I was testing out for a dinner party tomorrow night. They turned out pretty good, very crunchy, so I plan to bring them tomorrow.

I still haven't satisfied my tripe craving, so there might be additional tripe meals in coming weeks.

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