Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Celebrity Sightings - Denzel Washington

When I was attending UCLA, I used to count the dozens of Ferraris, Masseratis, Lotuses (or is that Loti?), and Lamborghinis that used to pass by while I waited for the bus, and I thought to myself that the majority of people in the US let alone the world probably won’t see any of these exotic cars up close in their entire lives. I understand that in many ways I live a privileged life, even though I might take it for granted. So I pass along my celebrity sightings which may in many ways make me seem jaded or indifferent, but I feel as though helps to put perspective the cult of celebrity since celebrities are people, too, and have their own lives to live. They just do so under a slight bit more public scrutiny.

This past Tuesday night, I had a dinner meeting at the Polo Lounge in the posh Beverly Hills Hotel, so I was on the lookout for celebrities. When we walked into the restaurant, I spotted perhaps the biggest star I’ve ever seen doing one of the most normal things you could imagine. Denzel Washington was sitting in a booth having what I assume was a pleasant dinner and conversation. Not particularly exciting at all, and yet many people would be excited to have had the experience.

Now compare that to the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” whom one of my dinner mates commented were sitting behind us outside on the patio. Nowadays anybody can become a celebrity by virtue of having the camera placed on you for any number of minutes regardless of whether any talent is involved. They were celebrating a birthday and were engaged in very boisterous discourse with a good deal of candor and swearing. Between the Denzel and the Real Housewives, the Real Housewives present a more entertaining experience, whereas Denzel was perhaps a bigger story. Either way, I got to enjoy a very delicious meal (unfortunately no pics because it was a business dinner) and went home a little fatter that night.

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