Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beef Bourguignon and Peach Cobbler

Since we couldn't celebrate Fathers' Day last week, we did it this week instead. Sister C, inspired by "Julie and Julia," decided to cook beef bourguignon using Julia Child's recipe.
6/27/10 beef bourguignon
She labored for over five hours, but unlike Julie she didn't fall asleep, and made sure she got it right on her first try. She might not feel that it was worth it, but it was excellent, with strong, well-rounded flavors, and tender meat.

I, on the other hand, was responsible for dessert, in a change of roles with my sister. Sister C suggested a Raspberry Bavarian Cream, also featured in "Julie and Julia," but I commented I'd rather make a Raspberry Bibinka, as featured in the classic, "Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo." I'm not particularly big on dessert, but have made custards from scratch, so I wanted to try baking something instead. I didn't want to try something as elaborate as a pie, so I decided upon a peach cobbler.
6/27/10 peach cobbler
I used Paula Dean's recipe, since I trust her to make tasty, fattening foods. It was an amazingly simple recipe, that was also pleasing scientifically. The peaches and syrup went on after I poured the batter in, but once baked, the crust rose to the top. It turned out pretty good, so I'll probably make it again.
6/27/10 peach cobbler
In the end, everybody was satisfied with our efforts, but especially with Sister C's wonderful beef bourguignon.

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