Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - Ashley Jensen

Probably almost all of you are wondering who Ashley Jensen is. For "Ugly Betty" fans, you probably know her as Christina McKinney. But for "Extras" fans, she's the incredibly dense Maggie Jacobs.

I was shopping at the Hollywood Target, when I heard a distinct Scottish accent. It just so happened that I had watched "Extras" a few days earlier, and it sound a lot like Ashley Jensen. I couldn't see who was talking because her back was to me, but her voice is so distinct, that I thought it could be her. So I peeked around the aisle, and it turned out it was her. She was there shopping with her husband. It's too bad, though, since I couldn't really remember her name, so I felt awkward about going up to her and telling her that I enjoyed her work.

I don't like it when people just go up to someone they think is a celebrity and ask for an autograph, so I didn't want to be the douche that didn't know an actress' name. Oh well, missed opportunities.

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