Sunday, May 9, 2010

Top Ten Things You Might Not Know About the Offices of Sega USA

1. When you enter through the front doors, you're arrival is announced with a chorus of "Se-ga~."
2. A large aquarium in the foyer is home to Ecco the dolphin.
3. There's a room in the basement where one employee is still devoted to developing software for the Dreamcast.
4. Executives have aquariums in their offices where they keep their pet Seamen.
5. Instead of office chairs and desks, employees work in converted, defunct "Daytona USA" arcade cabinets.
6. Their bathrooms are home to some of their lesser known arcade games, like "Virtua Toilet" and "Virtua Urinal."
7. Shinobi is an actual employee that works in the mail room. The video game series is based on his life.
8. There are gold rings lying around all over the place.
9. Despite being killed off, Segata Sanshiro still visits Sega USA at least once a year to train new employees.
10. A former employee thought it was cute to introduce a family of hedgehogs to the office, resulting in an infestation of hedgehogs. But instead of running around the office, they like to roll up into balls and hide in coffee mugs.


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  2. My comment may not live up to my predecessor's, but I've been to Sega USA a number of times, and I must say you really know the building well. I'm sure the #11 spot would have been that the cafe on the bottom floor has really good sandwiches and soup. I recommend the cubano.