Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Love of Unicorns Isn't Dead ... in Germany

While perusing the daily blogs, one of my favorites, which shall go unnamed (*cough* Geekologie *cough*) as they're my primary competition in unicorn-related news, linked to a German unicorn image blog which I am going to link to now: Rainbowzombies Ate My Unicorn. I can't understand much on the site as although I have a German name, I must admit I am German illiterate, with the exception of Nazi-talk, a pseudo-German sub-language found mostly on WWII message boards and DOD forums. But what I can make out is if you click on the link for Einhörner (LOL, they're called "one horners" in Deutsch), you get a bunch of pictures of unicorns from around the internet.

The name of the blog alone is so powerful, as it contains two of my favorite things and one of my most feared things. I'll let you sort out which is which.

BONUS: The website even has zombie images!

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