Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - Punky Brewster

I guess I should refer to her by her real name, Soleil Moon Frye, but to me, she'll always be Punky Brewster. And the friend of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

I had the privilege of assisting her one time when I was working at Mail Boxes, Etc. I didn't recognize her at first, even though I'd watched enough Sabrina. If I remember correctly, she was shipping some stuff. In order to ship via UPS, Mail Boxes, Etc. has you fill out these forms, so I saw her name on that. She wasn't much at all like Punky Brewster, and definitely nothing like her character on Sabrina. In fact, she was super sweet and was the nicest customer I have ever had to deal with. Very gracious, forgiving, and understanding. If only all my customers were like that.

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