Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crazy in Los Angeles

When you live in a city like Los Angeles, you see your share of crazy people. Honestly, you have to be a little bit delusional to live here.

One time while working at Mail Boxes, Etc., a man in sunglasses came in requesting assistance, so my coworker attended to his needs. A few minutes later, the man stated in a voice loud enough for everyone in the store to hear that he didn't like my coworker's aura. My coworker wasn't being a douche or anything like that, and I felt that he dealt with the situation rather gracefully, not coming back with any anger and just letting the guy walk out. We had no idea what the matter was about. A few minutes later, though, the man in the sunglasses returned and apologized to my coworker, giving him a hug. Now in almost any other city with a few exceptions (New York, San Francisco, New Orleans) this would be aberrant behavior, but at the time while I felt it was strange, I wasn't particularly shocked. After all, the man had said aura, so he was dealing on a spiritual level. My assessment: SoCal crazy.

Another time while I was attending college, I was taking the bus home when a lady got on and started arguing with the bus driver. Like, loud, cursing-arguing, and right from the get go. If you've ever ridden the bus, you know the bus drivers don't take no shit. She had a heavy accent too, yelling, "You fargin' sunnovbitch! You sunnovbitch!" The bus driver couldn't kick her off but he did give her an equally good tongue lashing, and the whole time I kept hoping she didn't stop and stand near me. My assessment: Crazy-crazy.

These are pretty much both ends of the spectrum here. Everybody else falls somewhere in between. And me? I'm a good deal of both, just for good measure.

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