Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - Two-fer

This celebrity sightings is political. Back in 2001, Brother G's senior class took a trip to D.C. for the inauguration of a certain unpopular president who shall go nameless. We went to pick him up from the airport and were waiting at the airbridge. (Remember, this is months before 9/11.)

Since his class flew economy, they wouldn't get off until the end, but who else did we end up seeing? First was John Lithgow, of Third Rock From the Sun fame (or Harry and the Hendersons, if that's your thing). He's pretty tall, but then I knew that already. But then a few people later, there was Busta Rhymes. And he's also really tall. That, I did not know. He looks so small in the music videos.

So there you have it, John Lithgow and Busta Rhymes both partied together at the inauguration for a certain unpopular president. Woo-hah, they got you all in check.

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