Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Never try to dunk over a trash can on a 10' rim yelling "Chambers" in front of your friends if you're 5'6", Asian, and have never dunked before

To attempt to do so is a recipe for disaster. Seriously. Don't try this. I can't stress that enough.

For if Tom Chambers is the best dunking role model you can think of, you're in big trouble. Sure, he had the one big dunk, but that was on 6'1" Mark Jackson. Plus Tom Chambers is like a 6'10" white dude. There are probably a hundred better players/dunkers than Tom Chambers. Understandably to invoke the name of Jordan or Nique perhaps conveys too lofty an expectation, but there are plenty of better than average players who were solid dunkers--Latrell Sprewell, Michael Finley, and Kevin Johnson to name a few.

So before you go and make yourself look foolish, try picking a better dunking role model's name to call out. Trust me. You'll thank me later.

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