Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Original Rinaldi's: Part 2

This is a quick follow up to my original review to the Original Rinaldi's.

After my first time going to the Original Rinaldi's I wanted to try it again, so on my way to Gardena I made a quick stop in El Segundo.

4/9/11 Rinaldi's USC Trojan

This time I ordered the USC Trojan, prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, oil & vinegar, lettuce tomato, Italian dressing, and provolone (I didn't get the UCLA Bruin because I don't like ham and roast turkey as much as Italian cold cuts). This sandwich was like a dry, salty, meat bomb. In contrast to the Italian combo which was a little more rounded flavor-wise, the Trojan was very focused as all of the meats were somewhat similar. Again it was very meaty which almost necessitated that it be eaten open-faced.

Between the Trojan and the Italian combo, which would I pick? Well, that's a difficult decision, since both were good, and both were a little different. If I don't order the Godfather next time, I'll probably have to flip a coin.

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