Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whhhy? - Far East Movement

Now I know this article is going to make me seem really old, but that's one of the risks I take as a blogger.

Far East Movement currently has a Top Ten Hit with their new single Rocketeer, which follows on the heels of their previous hit, Like a G6. And while the song is catchy, it makes my brain want to climb out through my ass. Far East Movement does a good job of producing music, but they're shit when it comes to lyrics. Now the lyrics make sense ... sort of. But first we should maybe take a quick look at Like a G6.

Now I like that song. It's got a very catchy tune that reminds me of Debbie Deb's Lookout Weekend (First instance of dating myself). And here's hook:

Poppin' bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
When we drink we do it right gettin' slizzard
Sippin' sizzurp in my ride, in my ride like three six
Now I'm feelin' so fly like a G6

I have to admit I had to use Urban Dictionary to decipher some of those lines (Second instance of dating myself). Apparently a couple of the terms are from the dirty South which is only slowly making it's way westward (or at least that's what my age would have me believe). However the gist of it should be clear to anyone who's been young once. Essentially she is saying that when they drink they get so plastered they're feeling good. But there's a lot of negative notions being condoned here. Drinking isn't necessarily bad, and getting drunk isn't necessarily bad. However sizzurp is a drink that blends cough syrup, specifically the type with codeine, with a Jolly Rancher, and any fruit-flavored soda, so it's not exactly Kosher. Furthermore, drinking it while driving (because presumably she is driving her ride, or car for even older folks out there) is highly illegal. Although it's a well packaged song, I wish the lyrics were a little more socially responsible.

So what about Rocketeer? Well here the lyrics are just lame:

Where we at, only few have known
Go on the next level, Super Mario
I hope this works out, Cardio
'Til then let's fly, Geronimo

Say what? I guess you shouldn't expect a whole lot from a love song that references "Back to the Future" (which is a great movie by the way, just not in a romantic song) in the first verse. So word association here, I get it. "Go on the next level" like in the videogame "Super Mario Bros." Again, perhaps not the most romantic thing to say when you're trying to pick up a girl. But at least it's not the origin of Pac-Man as Puck-Man. "Cardio," because you're working out. Oh, that's right, you "hope" it "works out," so not exactly the same connotation because of the context. Then "Geronimo," because you're going to fly. If I remember correctly, you only invoke "Geronimo" when you're jumping out of a plane, so not exactly flying, more like falling.

In any case, how could I—or any slightly intelligent girl—take this song plea seriously? Well, I guess there are a lot of stupid people out there. So I ask why, Far East Movement? Whhhy?!

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