Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - Shannyn Sossamon

This is probably another "Who?" segment of celebrity sightings, but Shannyn Sossamon's been in movies, really. You might remember her as the "foxy lady" that Heath Ledger was trying to get with in "A Knight's Tale." No? Or how about the girl that Josh Hartnett was trying to get with in "40 Days and 40 Nights?" Still doesn't ring a bell? Well how about the the pink haired girl in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?" If you still can't put a face to the name, I'll always remember her as the National Panasonic girl. When I used to watch J-dramas on Fujisankei, they always ran this ad with a girl dancing around her rice cooker, and at the very end she would say, "National Panasonic, you're the one for me." Scintillating, I know.

So where did I see her? At the market, while we were picking up a cake. She dashed in to get something and dashed out. Because, you know, she didn't want to get mobbed. Because she's so famous. Or maybe because her kid was in the car. I think his name is Audio Science Clayton. Boy must that kid get picked on at school.

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