Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Slow-Roasted Salmon and Curry Pilaf

Today was Mom's birthday, so I prepared one of her favorites, slow-roasted salmon with a shallot butter sauce. For the sides, I made a curry pilaf and steamed brussel sprouts.
7/6/10 slow-roasted salmon
It's been a while since I made slow-roasted salmon, but it turned out pretty good today. The shallot butter sauce was a nice complement because the sweetness of the shallots and herbes de provence.

For the rice, I didn't improvise too much, so it was fairly normal. Well, at least as normal as you could expect from me.

For dessert, Sister C made a tarte tartin. She was inspired again by Julia Child, but unlike Julia, Sister C's tarte tatin looked and tasted pretty good.
7/6/10 tarte tatin

Happy B-Day Mom!

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