Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - Tony Shalhoub

It's funny how television distorts things. For instance, many of the actresses I've met in real life tended to be much more petite in real life, whereas the actors are much larger. Take Tony Shalhoub, who's been in the television shows "Wings" and "Monk." In both shows, he appears as a small, mousy fellow. But one time he came into Mail Boxes, Etc. and he was around six-feet tall, and big. If he's that big in real life but plays tiny guys on television, that must mean everyone else around him are giants. Amy Yasbeck must be some sort of sasquatch!


  1. I don't doubt that he is 5'11", but i'm 5'11" and somehow he just seemed bigger than that. On TV, he looks to be several inches shorter and not as broad, but I'm sure that's attributable to his acting prowess.