Thursday, February 11, 2010

Whhhy? - Tamagoras

Continuing the trend of questionable transforming toys my parents got me and my brother were these strange toys which I recently learned were called Tamagoras, made by Bandai. Mattel eventually brought them over to the US as Meteorbs, and included them as He-Man and She-Ra's buddies along with the rest of the Masters of the Universe characters.

I had Wani (Crocobite in the US), and my brother had Gorira (Gore-illa in the US). Wani was a red crocodile that turned into ... a red egg. He shouldn't be confused with my brother's Gorira which turned into ... a grey egg. Yes, Tamagoras were animals that transformed into eggs. At least that's better than a rock, right? In the American Meteorbs line, they appeared as characters in the Masters of the Universe comic books, more or less as pets.

Here is a picture of Gorira as a gorilla:
And now as an egg:

What's worse was that Gorira was a pain in the ass to fit into his egg. At least Wani folded up pretty neatly. And even more amazingly, Tamagoras is making somewhat of a comeback in Japan, as new Tamagoras were released in November of 2008.

So I ask, why, Tamagoras? Whhhy?!


  1. Well, at least his arms extend past his pointy-egg-shell chest.

    But I must admit that I'm curious as to how Tamagoras are born. Do both Wani and Gorira come from the same creature when plopped out as eggs? Or in this universe do all animals lay eggs that transform into the animal? Soo many questions!

  2. I vaguely remember these... altho I must have seen them in Japan & not the US. We must have had a few.

  3. i had a few of these as a kid, a jason voorhies-type guy, a robot dinosaur and a skeleton dinosaur. i thought they were pretty cool...