Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrity Sightings - Dani Pudi

So how do I explain this? I saw, but kind of didn't see Dani Pudi of NBC's "Community." My brother and I were on the way to Channel 101 (which, if you haven't been to, you should), and whilst preparing to park, I saw someone who looked like a brown Jamie Lee Curtis from behind. I would say Dani Pudi has a unique head shape and coloration. I pointed him out to my brother who corroborated my suspicions. We figured that he was going to attend Channel 101, which would make sense considering that one of the founding members is Dan Harmon, creator "Community," one of the other founding members is Rob Schraab, who directed an episode of "Community" (the excellent "Law & Order" parody episode "Basic Lupine Urology") and many people from Channel 101 have made appearances on "Community."

But when we got there, he never showed up. What gives? My brother and I were sure that it was him. After we got out, we even snooped around the area, checking out a nearby restaurant to see if that's where he was. Alas, we couldn't find him, and neither of us are on Twitter or are willing to sign up for Twitter so that we can @danipudi "where u at?". Oh well, it was still cool, cool, cool.

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