Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spaghetti Carbonara

I only make spaghetti carbonara about twice a year on account of it has all the things that contribute to heart failure and a shorter life (bacon, bacon drippings, heavy cream, cheese, egg yolks). I usually end up using bacon rather than pancetta because we always have bacon regularly available. I also prefer to add onions so that there is a little more texture.
4/24/11 spaghetti carbonara
Overall this is one of the lighter iterations of carbonara I've made. Normally it's very heavy, but this dish was deceptively lighter. It will still probably knock a year or two off my life, but those are the diaper years and I really don't need to be around for those.

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  1. Already not accounting for the diaper years? Sounding more and more like me everyday. But YES, this looks like a tasty one-way trip.