Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tripas Tacos

There's a Mexican restaurant near Decepticon Sky Commander A's place that serves up tacos outside once the sun goes down. They have these really good tripas tacos that I wanted to figure out how to make at home. I asked my barber ("hair stylist" would be the more appropriate term except that I don't exhibit any sort of style with my hair) whose from Mexico whether he'd made tripas before and he laid out a very simple recipe for making tacos similar to the ones I've had at the restaurant. Last week's tripas rice burger was part of that experiment which was fully realized today.
3/5/11 tripas tacos
I bought about 3 pounds of beef intestine from the Korean market which took about an hour to clean, then two hours to boil, after which I was left with less than 30% volume of what I had purchased. I made fresh pico de gallo which I used to top the grilled tripas morsels. The result was a tripas taco (or five to be more exact) that was comparable to the one at the restaurant. The intestines came out crisp yet tender, and the pico was refreshing with a slight hint of spiciness.

The main drawback would have to be labor and cost, as it cost about $12 for the raw ingredients, while it would only cost $7.50 for five of the restaurant's tacos. Perhaps if I bought more volume, I could get the cost per taco down, but then what to do about the labor?

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