Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yokai of the Week Halloween Edition - Tengu

After a long break, the Yokai of the Week is back for a special occasion—Halloween!

Tengu are demons that live in mountain and forest regions. Their name derives from the Chinese Tiangou, a dog-like demon, but the Japanese version instead bears both human and avian features. But perhaps the most prominent features of tengu are their red faces and long noses.

They were long ago associated with war, and were often seen as harbingers of war. But as time went on, their image has softened and they are now associated with the practice of Shugendo, wherein individuals seek enlightenment through an understanding of their relationship with nature. They can still be menacing as they are protective of the nature around them, but they have also been known to take in human disciples and train them in mystical martial arts.
10/31/10 Halloween
Yokai Masterpiece #8 - Tengu - Pumpkin & Zucchini
10/31/10 Halloween
I didn't like having to use additional materials to make the nose, but at least I kept it in the squash family. It also didn't help that the pumpkin was totally lopsided (I didn't pick it) so I had to cut out the top and made that the bottom.

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