Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jerk Chicken

Long time, no blog. As of late I've been afflicted with a lethal combination of the three nesses—business, tiredness, and laziness.

However today I cooked something different—jerk chicken. I first had jerk chicken when my next door neighbor shared some with me many years ago, and I've been chasing that recipe ever since. I currently use a modified version of a recipe I pulled off of the Food Network. It's okay, but not quite like the jerk chicken I had years ago.
9/19/10 jerk chicken
My version is a little more layered, but lacking in the citrus-permeating flavor that I really want. It's good, oftentimes better than the jerk chicken I've had at restaurants.

It's fairly spicy, too. It's so hot, I need to use gloves when preparing the marinade. If I don't, I'm not able to put my contacts in for three days. I know, I know, why don't I scrub more? I'd pretty much have to take off the top four layers of skin to get the capsaicin out. I use habaneros which are potent enough to cause blistering if proper care isn't taken, and it really gets down deep. In the end, while the peppers are hot, the chicken is significantly less so since I remove the seeds and ribs from the pepper.
9/19/10 tiramisu
My sister made tiramisu for dessert. She even made the ladyfingers from scratch, as she was disappointed in the store-bought ones. It could be just the whipped mascarpone mix talking, but it was really good, better than any tiramisu I've had lately.

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