Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chicken Karaage Donburi

I went to the Torrance Mitsuwa Summer Festival today with a bunch of my friends, where we spent much of the day eating, conversing, playing with babies, and playing Dragon Quest IX on our Nintendo DSs. I ended up eating a lot of chicken-based food products, most of them yummy, so perhaps I was just in a chicken-y mood as I decided to make chicken karaage donburi for dinner.
8/15/10 karaage-don
I based the karaage on a sesame chicken that they used to serve at the Mitsuwa in West L.A. For the rice, I added edamame and topped that with cut, roasted nori and a teriyaki sauce loosely based off of my mother's recipe. I then layered generously-cut, skin-on chicken thigh pieces over the rice. The market didn't have boneless thighs, so I had to bone them myself, but at least they came with the skin, right? Finishing off the bowl was some steamed broccoli, sliced green onion, and a little more teriyaki sauce drizzled over the chicken.

Overall I think the dish turned out quite well. It came very close to what I had envisioned and was delicious to boot!

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