Friday, June 4, 2010

Olympic Pole Dancing

Apparently pole dancing is being considered for an Olympic event, and I for one am going to support this. Pole dancing is an incredible art form. I'm not talking about two-drink-minimum-stripper-club pole dancing, but sensual, body sculpture, classy pole dancing. However I'm a little concerned about one thing: is it only going to be female pole dancing?

Traditionally, pole dancing has been a female art form, for particular reasons which need not be explained. But if a sport is going to be introduced to the Olympics, shouldn't it be open to both genders? Which begs the question, why not male pole dancing? Before any readers leave in disgust, hear me out. While generally not as light as women, men have greater strength and therefore should be physically adept at pole dancing. Furthermore, shouldn't women (or homosexual men for that matter) also be able to enjoy watching the sport as much as men do?

If pole dancing isn't masculine enough, why not pole dance fighting? Have two poles parallel to each other with one man to each pole, and whoever knocks the other one off first wins. To make it more challenging, and artistic, the men have to complete certain moves as they fight, such as the Jamilla, aerial upright V, or the superstar. They could be graded on artistry as well as pure victory points.

I understand this event may not be for everyone. Regardless of whether or not they plan to introduce a men's pole dancing competition, I plan on supporting pole dancing for inclusion in the Olympics. That way, little girls and their parents can rest assured knowing that pole dancing doesn't necessarily mean a bleak future of tacky lingerie and tramp stamps—there's also the possibility for Olympic gold.

Here's a video of pole dancing at it's best (NSFW):

Being the best in the world got her a job in Zumanity. I guess that's good?


  1. I think this event should fall under gymnastics for the summer games. But if that were the case, would there have to be a higher minimum age of athlete to participate? And to watch?

    Also maybe it's the choice of music, but this doesn't seem tacky at all. Just goes to show you that if you pair up an action with a juxtaposed audio it's transformed into something artsy (in my mind at least).

  2. All for Pole Dancing in the Olympics...yes, guys and girls.

    That said, ill probably have more interest in the woman's competitions but hey, I'm a guy. :)

    It is absolutely astonishing to watch the mad talent, strength and movement women demonstrate during high level competitions...much like gymnastics on a vertical pole.

    Here here for pole dancing in the Olympics!