Sunday, June 13, 2010


I haven't cooked in a while, but tonight I made okonomiyaki. It's kind of like a pancake with cabbage and meat mixed in, and is somewhat analogous to Western pizza, in that it's multi-layered and almost anything can be used as a topping.
Most variations of okonomiyaki mix everything together, but I usually make Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, which is layered with a fried egg and contains yakisoba noodles. I also put moyashi (bean sprouts), shrimp, and pork slices inside.

This is one of my mom's favorite dishes that I make, so I usually make extra, but since I can only cook one at a time, it takes a while.

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  1. For those not in the know, okonomiyaki is a popular snack food in Japan. True, it is labor intensive and time consuming and, unfortunately, something he can take or leave, but HunnyRun makes a mean okonomiyaki. Those of us who benefit from his efforts say, "Bless you, HunnyRun!"