Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Celebrity Sightings - Rob Zombie & Sherry Moon

I've mentioned it before, but whenever a customer's mailbox gets full at Mail Boxes, Etc. we had to contact the customer. Occasionally I would have to call Rob Zombie's house about the mail. It always went to message, and boy did they have a good message. It would start out with spooky music and sound effects in the background, so at first you might be like "WTF," but then Sherry, Rob's wife, would come on along with him and explain they weren't home at the moment. Sherry was usually the one who came to pick up the mail. She's a tall blonde, and very sweet, and very pretty, which wasn't what I would have expected. Rob might have only come in once or twice when I worked there, and he would look pretty normal—not completely normal, but mostly normal.

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